Rules and Regulations

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Waterford Marina on Lake Travis

  1. In the case of severe injury or drowning, Dial 911 for Emergency Medical Services. Be able to give the address (201 Westwater Court, Lago Vista,Texas 78645).
  2. Noise is a big issue in every marina. Watercraft Owner shall neither place, play, nor permit any radio, television, loudspeaker or amplifier in or around the Slip where the same can be heard from outside the Slip, nor place an antenna or other projection on the Slip, nor take any other action which would constitute a nuisance, or would disturb the peace and enjoyment of other Watercraft Owners in the Marina or interfere with their use of their slips, or would tend to injure the reputation of the Marina.
  3. Hazardous or flammable materials must be contained in legally approved containers and may not be stored on the dock. Please follow the advice in the Clean Boating Tips.
  4. Watercraft Owner is responsible for any petroleum leaking from the bilge or any other part of your vessel. Watercraft Owner must clean up any oil spill immediately. Failure to do so will result in extra charges on your bill, for the expense of the clean-up and may result in the removal of your boat or personal watercraft. Please follow the advice in the Clean Boating Tips.
  5. Watercraft Owner shall keep all watercraft in good repair, neat condition, and clean.
  6. All watercraft shall be moored in a secure manner, so as to prevent damage to the Marina and to other watercraft.
  7. Please keep your pets leashed while on the docks and scoop up after them. Bad dogs stay home.☺
  8. No barbeque pits on the Marina docks, unless you have a patio. Please respect your neighbors regarding smoke and odors.
  9. Storage lockers shall be placed over the wet marina slip or on your patio, not in the walkway.
  10. Watercraft Owner is responsible for the conduct of its family members, guests, subcontractors, and invitees, and for ensuring their compliance with the terms and conditions of the Watercraft Slip Agreement, and such Marina Facility rules and regulations as Marina may publish from time to time. Marina reserves the right to limit or prohibit access to the Marina Facility by said guests, subcontractors, and invitees, at the Marina’s discretion.
  11. Watercraft Owner, family members, guests and invitees shall comply with the Texas Water Safety Act within the Marina.
  12. Never board a boat without the owner’s permission. Minors shall be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guests shall be accompanied by the Watercraft Owner at all times.
  13. No unsafe, noxious, offensive, or illegal activity is permitted within the Marina.
  14. Marina employees may help with holding tank pump outs. Please ask for help and follow the advice in the Clean Boating Tips.
  15. Thank you for keeping the bathroom clean. Please do not give the access code to a guest. Feel free to let us know if the restroom needs attention.
  16. Due to Clean Boating regulations, please do not put any items in the water in your slip, other than your vessel, hoist, and hoist hoses.
  17. No signs or other forms of advertising are permitted in the Marina with the Marina’s prior approval.
  18. Please carry all trash to the dumpsters located in the marina parking lot.
  19. Boat trailers are not allowed in the marina parking lot.
  20. The Marina is not responsible for any theft of, or damage to, any watercraft, equipment, or personal property.
  21. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time.
  22. Please report dock maintenance and repair items immediately.
  23. Be certain to make yourself familiar with the location of all fire extinguishers and exits.

Thank you for respecting the Marina Facility.
March 2014